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Thank You

With the first year as a solopreneur under my belt, I wanted to take a moment to look back and to thank everyone, as the dear departed Yogi Berra would have said, who made this day necessary.

While year one involved some tough sledding, I got to do some amazing things and work with some amazing people.  I’ll brag about my accomplishments another time, perhaps.  Today I want to focus on the people who helped me along the way: you.

Maybe you helped me in a very material way, by hiring Plannerben|Anecdata to undertake a project.  Maybe you helped me make a contact somewhere.  Maybe you saw one of a hundred variations of my sales materials and website and maybe you gave me some advice about them.

Maybe you said or wrote some words of encouragement.  Maybe you said them directly to me.  Maybe that encouragement came in a conversation we had years ago or in a blog post you wrote about something else.

Maybe you read, commented on or shared one of my blog posts.  Google Analytics said that someone read it, so it must have been one of you.

Maybe you bought me a coffee, lunch or a drink.  Maybe you heard me sound off about the frustrations of launching a business.  Maybe you nodded your head or slapped me upside mine when I said “this is all bullshit.”  Maybe you sent some good vibrations my way, somehow.

Whatever you did, whether you did it specifically for me or not, I offer my humble thanks.

I wish you success in 2016 as you helped me achieve success in 2015.

And, in return, let me ask: what can I do to return the favor?