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Stand up if you don’t get the Apple Watch

Literally.  I mean it.  Stand up and walk around if you don’t get why anyone would want the Apple Watch.


These guys get it.

I haven’t gotten any closer to the Apple Watch than reading about it on Gizmodo.  However, I bought myself an Android smartwatch, the Zenwatch, in December and have worn it on and off since then.  I’d like to point out some aspects of the device that Tim Cook‘s medicine show did not cover.

  • Don’t just sit there; do something!

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The New Luxury Brands

In a recent post, I discussed what a marketers with brands made obsolete by technology should do.  In short, I suggested treating these brands like luxury brands.  Since “something you don’t actually need” works as a basic definition of luxury, I think it makes sense to use luxury marketing approaches for products that technology has displaced.  In fact, even the august New York Times has picked up on the idea that mobile phones alone have put the heat on less adaptable devices.

So what are some examples of these new luxury brands?  And how might they re-establish their relevance in today’s marketplace?  Let’s look at three examples:

1. Cheap watches


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