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Why Facebook’s Data Mishandling Hurts

Facebook’s sort-of apologies in the wake of the Cambridge Analytica scandal have unleashed another round of tut-tutting across the internet.  If you (still) use the network, I’m sure you’ve seen friends make good on promises to delete the app or even their entire account because they no longer trusted Zuck with their personal info.

Funny thing is, I don’t recall a similar response to credit card breaches by retailers.  People shrugged and said “cost of doing business, I suppose.”

If I may venture a dubious opinion, I believe people got more upset at Facebook than at, say, Target because relative to other social networks, Facebook encourages something approaching honesty.

Yes, you heard me: honesty.  Sure, Facebook has featured more than its fair share of humblebrags and flat-out fabrication.  However, on Facebook more than other networks, we tend to know our contacts, so they know us better.  Meanwhile, Twitter has succumbed to robots and flame wars while LinkedIn feels like a motivational speaker tryout.  I can’t speak for other popular networks such as Facebook’s Instagram or the oldie-befuddling Snapchat.

For whatever reason, we seem to put our trust, not to mention baby pictures, political opinions and general goings-on on Facebook.  We manufacture ourselves less there.  And feeling that someone has exploited that unmanufactured self really feels like betrayal.

A Funny Thing Happened On the Way to Losing the Account

In any services business, clients come and clients go.  Sometimes, we have only ourselves to blame, whether due to carelessness or outright stupidity.  Other times, the operative phrase is “circumstances beyond our control.”  New personnel come in with a favorite service provider on tap.  Rising prices or falling budgets preclude working together.  These things happen.

And then…there are the ones that just leave you shaking your head.  I can’t say for sure, but I suspect the madcap aspects of advertising and marketing make agencies more susceptible to these head-shakers.  For some light summer reading, I’d like to share some examples.  Like the time Freedom Fries lost me business.

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