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How to Market a Boring Product, Part II

Continuing our discussion about marketing boring products, I wanted to take a moment to discuss the hidden challenge of marketing a particularly boring product, life insurance.  That challenge takes the form of something most people anticipate with great excitement: retirement.

Coming soon to a theater near you: “Geezy Rider”

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Retirement, aka “economic irrelevancy”

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How to market a boring product, Part I

For most of the past twelve months, I’ve been selling life insurance.


Life insurance does not enjoy a sexy or even mildly intriguing reputation. More to the point, life insurance ads don’t crowd out Nike or Apple come awards time.  And, with all due respect to the honest women and men who sell life insurance, their profession doesn’t vie with jewel theft or stunt flying in terms of thrills.

Hang in there, little guy.  The boring part will be over soon.

A lot of brands and categories have the similar problem of keeping consumers’ eyelids from slamming shut–from paint to paper goods.  So let life insurance stand in for your snooze-o-rama of a product and learn to appreciate the compelling aspects of marketing it that may take a little digging to find.

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