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What the Sirens Sang

The New York Times recently ran an article about Pariano, a town on the Amalfi Coast region of Italy where, they claim, the mythic Sirens of “The Odyssey” tempted the equally mythic king of rocky Ithaca to lead his ship onto the rocks.  The story, however imaginary, brings to mind the single most illuminating question asked of me in college and remains a great question for legacy brands:

What song did the Sirens sing?


Dude, ear plugs are like 99¢ at CVS

The answer actually matters.  In fact, it matters a lot if you develop brand marketing for a living.

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How to Follow the Money

Cover your ears, Tea Partiers, but our government actually does something very well.  It does a bang-up job of collecting and publishing marketing data.

Don’t panic.  We’re not talking about the NSA collecting data on everyone and his confessor.  We’re talking about data that you can use to understand what your audience does with its hard-earned dollars.



Cold, hard, attitudinal insight

While attitudinal surveys and ethnographies give marketers a sense of what consumers think about, spending data can tell them what they actually do.  By following the money, marketers can understand how consumers vote with their feet.

Marketing sleuths, meet the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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