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Holiday Marketing for Atheist Brands

Now that our calendars have flipped over to November, we all know what to expect from marketers.  Our inboxes will teem with tinseled evergreens.  Santa will peek out over seemingly every banner and lightbox.  Red and green will dominate Facebook’s purple.  Every marketer who racks up big sales for Holiday will open the floodgates.

Many of my esteemed colleagues have great advice for enhancing Holiday emails and other addressable media.  However, I’d like to address another group: what do you do when your brand doesn’t celebrate Christmas, Hanukah, Kwanzaa or anything else in December?  After all, not every brand relies on big Holiday sales to make a living, but they still gotta remain relevant in digital channels somehow.

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Great Holiday Marketing about UNDERPANTS.

I had planned to write a piece about smart Holiday marketing, but Fruit of the Loom took the wind out of my sails:

I would have said “got my panties in a bunch,” but that’s not an apt metaphor

Instead, let’s look at the quick lesson FotL gives us on Holiday marketing and how that applies to pretty much every marketer trying to take advantage of the season.

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