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Maybe Marketing Data is Like College Sex

We’ve all heard the joke about big data’s resembling teenage sex: “Everyone thinks everyone else is doing it.  Almost nobody is actually doing it.  And those who are doing it aren’t doing it well.”

A recent conversation I had suggested that we marketing folks maybe have started doing it (big data) like college kids.


Spring Break is really just like a giant, tequila-driven database

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Dungeons & Dragons & Data

I have a confession to make.  For the past few years, I really haven’t practiced analytics.  Instead, I’ve been playing Dungeons & Dragons with marketing data.

Even if you looked down on the lumpy, socially-maladjusted kids who played D&D, you should think about playing the game with your data, too.


Better cover than Marketing Analytics for Dummies
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How much do you need to know, really?

Companies have a lot of data, as I’ve discussed before.  The New York Times reported on Sunday that my alma mater, Acxiom, keeps 1,500 or more data elements on just about every person in the United States.

However, every time I think about all these data, I wonder if any of these companies–Acxiom, Google or Target, has any advantage over a middle-aged Nissan dealer in Livingston, New Jersey.

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