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Behind the Numbers: Google “near me” up 34x

Here’s an eye-popping stat: since 2011, Google searches including the phrase “near me” have increased 34 times.  Not 34 percent, but 34 times.   I read this figure as a nail in the coffin of distinct and discrete mobile and local strategies.  Put another way, your brand has a mobile and a local strategy whether you’ve planned it or not.  Brands need to prepare for the inevitable “gotta have it now” factor across channels.

Some other tasty stats from the article:

  • 50% of people who conduct a local search on their phone visit a store that day
  • Roughly a third of those searchers buy that day as well
  • About half of people searching for a restaurant do so within 30 minutes of going out

Searches differ by day and time of day as well:


I wonder, do people search for liquor stores before or after hotels on a Saturday night?




What does this mean for marketers?

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Fashion (Branding) Advice from a Slob

Do fashion ads utterly confuse you?

Makes sense, right?  So how about this one?

OK, surely this one could have emerged from David Ogilvy’s workshop, right?

I think you get the point,  Karl Lagerfeld, the guy with all the jewelry, said “like Poetry, fashion does not state anything – it merely suggests.”  (thanks, Geekdad)  But what does it suggest?  Fashion advertising, and by extension fashion branding, bewilders a lot of us.  Fortunately, I think I’ve figured it out and want to share with you how it really works. Continue reading