The Great Digital Marketing Treasure Hunt: Find the hidden assets that can make your digital marketing sparkle

Building a Better BS Detector for Primary Research: How to plan, execute and analyze relevant, accurate primary market research

Building a Better BS Detector for Secondary Research: The first-class guide to using second-hand information to power your marketing and branding projects

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How can you accomplish ambitious marketing goals without substantial increases to your budget?

Marketers often overlook the value in the resources they’ve already paid for. They’ve got great marketing assets, but they don’t always know which ones work best of all.

This 16-page ebook covers all the steps that marketers need to take to uncover those hidden treasures and to put them to work in living, breathing campaigns.

Email me at ben@plannerben.com for your free copy.


Nothing beats primary research–conducting your own focus groups, surveys and ethnographies–for understanding your target audience.

Unfortunately, not everything that comes out of a consumer’s mouth reflects the truth.  It helps to know BS when you see it.  This 11-page guide lays down the guidelines for asking questions and listening to the answers the right way.

Email me at ben@plannerben.com for your free copy.


In this era of decreasing timelines and budgets, scrounging for audience insight via published reports, social media and Google has become an increasingly important skill.  Unfortunately, anyone can publish anything on the Internet.

This 14-page ebook teaches you tips and tricks for where to look and how to evaluate the information you need to make your marketing more relevant.

Email me at ben@plannerben.com for your free copy.

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  1. Jesse Pezzullo

    Ben- Congrats! Can’t wait to read it. You are always so “right on” in your insights, and combined with your unique sense of humor, I am positive that this will be an informative AND entertaining read! – Jesse


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