Case Studies


Hotel Chain: 2x improvement in revenue from email

For an international hotel chain, we used a small data approach to find the best predictor for email offers.  While most chains use an algorithm based on past stay behavior, we developed an approach that used a rotating set of offers based on reasons for travel (family travel, sightseeing, etc.) to segment audiences.



B2B Financial Information Portal: 3x increase in usage

We created an integrated program aligning video, webinars, in-app promotion and email to segment users by skill level.  The combined program increased usage by the test group up to 3x while the untreated control group actually declined slightly.



Fashion Retailer: Increased Digital Response 80%

For a fashion accessories retailer, we improved response to their email by turning a qualitative insight into a segmentation opportunity.  Market research had shown that their customers fell into one of two camps, fashion-oriented or function-oriented.  By using appropriate email copy, we substantially increased response for the function-oriented audiences even as the brand shifted to a more fashion-forward attitude.

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