Case Studies

Hotel chain: What do your guests do in motel rooms?

Challenge: A lodging chain wanted more insight on their guests’ interests in order to improve performance of their loyalty marketing platform

Research: Analysis of industry best practices

Data: Analysis of testing different offers based on reasons for travel

Whole Brain Insight: Understanding why guests stay at hotels drives response better than guessing where they might want to stay next

Result: 2x increase in revenue from email as well as extensive brand-level data on most popular reasons for travel.  Turns out that their economy-brand guests wanted more romantic getaways.  Who knew?


Fashion accessories retailer: Who doesn’t want to look cool?

Challenge: A bricks-and-mortar sunglasses store wanted to pivot to a more fashion-forward positioning but had a core of more traditional buyers

Research: Usage and attitudes studies of buyers

Data: Sales and customer analysis

Whole Brain Insight: Even with the change of branding, some customers still wanted to make sunglasses a rational purchase rather than a fashion-focused one

Result: 80% increase in response for traditional buyers based on digital campaigns segmented by function vs. fashion


Retail Bank: How can you sell advice without advisors?

Challenge: The bank wanted to position itself as a provider of financial advice through Facebook rather than by providing access to financial advisors

Research: Bank’s primary research about consumer

Data: Content analytics

Whole Brain Insight: To a lot of consumers, “advice” didn’t necessarily mean sitting down with an advisor and going through a detailed financial discussion.  Rather, they wanted short “news you can use” content to act upon quickly.

Result: We used the insight to design a Facebook platform that delivered short articles and videos to recognized customers


Global car dealership: What does a car dealer do in Uber’s world?

Challenge: A company that owns car dealerships across the globe wanted to modernize its stores and buying processes to appeal to younger, less ownership-focused shoppers

Research: Expert interviews and secondary research

 Data: Review of sales data

Whole Brain Insight: Digital natives are less invested in cars as brands and expect everything they buy to have the same flexibility and convenience as entertainment, dining and travel choices

Result: Developed new product concepts for flexible lease and purchase options enabled by digital technology


Stop Abuse Campaign: How do you rally people around an uncomfortable subject?

Challenge: The Campaign wanted to build paid membership online from sources including petition signing and an online risk factors test

Research: Discussions with Campaign staffers, volunteers and survivors

Data: Review of site analytics

Whole Brain Insight: Constituents respond to the horror of the subject matter by taking up one of three missions: to heal, to educate or to take political action

Result: Developed post-signing and post-test onboarding experience to allow new members to take the paths that suit them best


Auto Insurer: Bad Driver?  Who?  Me?

Challenge: A Massachusetts-based auto insurer wanted to attract more good risks (i.e. better drivers) than bad risks (i.e. Crashy McCrashalot) in a market where insurers were required to offer insurance to all licensed drivers at mandated costs

Research: Focus groups with MA drivers

Data: Recruiting based on driving history

Whole Brain Insight: Bad drivers said they thought of themselves as good drivers, but got flustered when exposed to “good driver” concepts

Result: Built campaign around good driver messages knowing that bad drivers would shy away

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