Humor: Generic Creative Agency Mission Statement

The work matters most.

The work tells you when you can go home, not the clock, not your boss and not your dog just barely holding it in.  The work comes first, slams the door in your face and laughs under its breath.  The work doesn’t wait more than three minutes at Starbucks.

The work pays the bills, puts a roof over your head and expects you to take out the trash, you bum.  The work calls its mother every day.

The work matters most.

The work matters more than E divided by C squared.  The work wrote all of Chuck Norris’s so-called facts.  The work has a bigger following on Instagram than Beyonce’s dog.  The work can make jokes in French.

The work is probably sleeping with that co-worker you haven’t worked up the courage to ask out yet.  The work can make Cross Fitters shut up for a second.  The work literally can even.

The work matters most.

The work matters. You do not.

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