And This, Kids, is Why You Test Offers

If you read my blog regularly, you know I strongly and frequently recommend testing.  I make the case that testing improves response by showing you what your audience responds to and what they don’t.  Sometimes, marketers get lost in the finer points and what, frankly, often amounts to a few percentage points.

Then, there’s this:


Just what every dad wants for his daughter: a sport so obviously detrimental to her health that a first-aid kit serves as a throw-in for an order.

Let me back up.  My seven-year-old daughter participates in a soccer league sanctioned by AYSO, American Youth Soccer Organization.  When I opted into email from the league, I also opted into email from AYSO partners.  So far, no harm, no yellow card.

Then I received this email the AYSO store.  I really, really hope AYSO did some testing to determine that yes, parents really want first aid kits and thus respond well to it as a retail offer.  I’d hate to think that this offer stands as a warning that my beloved progeny will likely become injured (or, knowing her, injure someone else) in the course of play.

If, in fact, AYSO really just wants to warn me that soccer will hurt my kid, I think I know what ad agency they work with:

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