Apple Watch: The Marketer’s Opportunity

In a recent post, I talked about the consumer use case for the Apple Watch.  In short, my experience with an Android Zenwatch taught me that smartwatches work really well for people who find themselves on their feet a lot and/or like to keep an eye on a few pieces of information such as weather.

So what does this use case mean for marketers who want to keep on emerging consumer technology?

Right now, I can’t see any marketers benefitting more than Apple and Google.  In addition to watch sales, these companies will gain at least some access to usage data.  If I were Google (who, let’s face it, will almost certainly use the data better) I’d be curious to know what functions watch owners use the most and which data points they keep on their wrists.  These data add another dimension to their understanding of the consumer and how he or she uses technology.

As for every other marketer, I make a humble suggestion: build an app for the watch.


Would you really check your SFDC analytics on your wrist? No, but I’ll bet someone will.

Although someone will inevitably invent the killer app for smartwatches, it probably won’t be you.  Sorry.  (As long as I’m killing dreams, I might as well tell you that it’s probably too late for your to become an astronaut or an Olympic gymnast.)  However, what a smartwatch app might do is identify your biggest fans.

Anyone willing to put your app on his or her wrist obviously has a deep connection with your brand.  As a shortcut to identifying brand zealots, smartwatch apps may prove cheaper and more immediate than parsing your marketing database.  Your mileage may vary, but my experience with large marketers has taught me that many cannot identify best customers as easily or as quickly as they’d like.

Granted, smartwatch app analytics will not replace best customer analysis, but it will give marketers a unique insight into what their customers hold dear about the brand.

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