Behind the Numbers: Which Child is Your Favorite?

Behind the numbers is a recurring feature on this blog, designed to demystify charts, graphs, tables and all manner of data.

Do you have more than one kid?  Quick, which one do you love the most?

Uh huh.  That’s how I feel about this survey:


H/T to MarketingProfs

At face value, this chart suggests that a plurality of marketers don’t know which digital channel drives the most revenue.  Pity these poor marketers.  As they sit, watching money come in through the mail slot, they gaze in wonder as to its origins.  Perhaps it works like this:


How many of those 33% answered “not sure” or selected one of the other channels because they would have preferred to answer “it’s complicated?”  Certainly, anyone who runs more than one digital channel (e.g. everyone) understands intuitively that all the channels play on one another.  Sure, someone may have bought from an email, but maybe she wouldn’t have received the email had SEO and content marketing encouraged her to sign up for in the the first place.  For that matter, neither content marketing nor the website itself appear on the list.  What’s up with that?

Without stepping into the attribution debate, it stands to reason that most marketers couldn’t select a single most important channel any more than they could select a single best child.

Unless you’re Archie Manning.  Then it’s clearly Eli.

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