Analogy: Content Marketing:B2B::Humor:B2C

Collectively, marketers have spilled a lot of ink around content marketing for the past few years.  However, a lot of marketers still don’t seem to understand how to use it.  For those  marketers, I offer a quick analogy: B2B marketers can use content the way B2C marketers use humor.

At its core, marketing works by engaging the audience with a brand.  Marketing can employ inspiration, pity, music or any number of things to engage consumers.  However, a lot of brands rely on humor.  You can’t go too wrong by making someone laugh.

By the same token, using articles, white papers, videos and infographics engages B2B audiences by giving them something to think about.  Content hooks these audiences by informing them about key issues.  In the information-dense B2B space, knowledge is coin of the realm.  It stands to reason that B2B audiences who perceive a brand as both informative and helpful will also put that brand on their shopping lists when they are ready to buy.

Of course, many B2C marketers have done a bang-up job with content marketing.  Moreover, many B2B marketers have achieved surprising success by making their audiences laugh.  However, as a way to get your head around content marketing, you could do a lot worse than “the go-to approach to engaging B2B audiences.”

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